The “Karlsruher Flussgebietstage” is a biannual international symposium held at the Institute of Water and River Basin Management (IWG) of KIT.

The symposium is a platform for the scientific exchange on specific issues of river basin management.
The forthcoming meeting in 2013 will focus on solids in river basins. Solids play an important role in both ecosystems and techno sphere. They serve as transport vehicle for various pollutants and directly influence water quality, habitat conditions and biogeochemical cycles. 
The impact on river ecosystems is largely determined by the sources and rate at which solids are delivered to surface water bodies, their residence time in the river systems and their physico-chemical composition. 

Thus the “Karlsruher Flussgebietstage 2013” will be centered on sources and transport processes of solids and particulate contaminants in river basins, considering modeling approaches, data availability, new monitoring techniques and management strategies. 

Sources and Transport Processes

Understanding the fine sediment budgets of river basins

Desmond Walling, Exeter University, Great Britain

Soil and Contaminants

Frank Glante, UBA Dessau, Germany

Alpine areas as source of nutrient emissions into river systems

Matthias Zessner, TU Wien, Austria

Transfer of sediments in catchment ecosystems on various scales

Ulrike Scherer, KIT, Germany

Receiving water impacts from waste water systems

Peter Krebs, TU Dresden, Germany

WFD-Explorer: A tool to calculatethe effectiveness of WFD measures

Erwin Meijers, Deltares, Netherlands    

Monitoring Techniques

Monitoring of rivers and catchmentsusing remote sensing techniques

Stefan Hinz, KIT, Germany

Monitoring of suspended loads inwaterways

Gudrun Hillebrand, BfG, Germany

Acoustic turbidity as online monitoring tool for rivers and sewer networks

Anne Pallarès, Université de Strasbourg, France

Management Strategien

Sediment management in river basins - case Elbe

Peter Heininger, BfG, Germany

Sediment management ceoncept of the Port of Hamburg

Axel Netzband, HPA, Germany

Suspended solid management in urban systems

Stephan Fuchs, KIT Germany

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