Innovative approaches for future sediment and water management in Brazil - SeWaMa

Short description

Dialysis Porewater Sampler-Placing device on side board platform.
Measurements of dissolved methane concentration with two METS sensors (Franatech).

In the framework of increasing pressure on the surface water resources in Brazil, the SeWaMa-Project represents a multi-disciplinary approach aiming on the understanding and prediction of complex problems in the area of sediment and water management. Actual problems in Brazil encompass droughts, water quality deterioration and siltation of reservoirs as well as algae blooms and methane emissions. The research project covers the described problems by including internal (e.g. sedimentation) and external parameters (e.g. land use change) of reservoir management. On the scientific and administrative level the German-Brazilian partners strive to intensify the cooperation with the reservoir operators to optimize the exchange of knowledge, data and experience.
Overall objectives are:

  • Initiation of a discussion platform
  • Development of innovative and cost-reducing assessment methods of sediment volumes
  • Sediment quality assessment for the modeling and planning
  • Detailed calculation of GHG emissions from the selected reservoirs
  • Development of management strategies