Regionalwissenschaft M.Sc.

Within the framework of the Master's programme in Regional Science, the Department of Urban Water Management and Water Quality Management offers the following courses and modules:

Note: the courses will be offered in English from SS 2017 onwards.

Modul: Siedlungswasserwirtschaft

Learning Outcomes

The students have the knowledge of the typical process technologies of wastewater treatment, rainwater treatment and water treatment tested today. They are able to assess these with regard to function, operation, energy efficiency and costs. The consequences of such measures can be estimated. The students are able to derive situation-related recommendations for action.


The lecture "Urban Water Management" deals with all aspects of supply and disposal connected with the water infrastructure of urban areas (basics of the dimensioning of drainage systems, wastewater treatment plants and the necessary chemical, physical and biological basics, overall understanding of the urban system).
The lecture "Wastewater Treatment Technologies" deepens knowledge about the application of typical process technologies of municipal wastewater treatment in Germany and about the application of technologies for wastewater treatment in the international area.

Modul Siedlungswasserwirtschaft
title semester time lecturer