Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen M.Sc.

The Department of Sanitary Engineering and Water Quality Management offers the following courses and modules as part of the Master's degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management:

Note: the courses will be offered in English from SS 2017 onwards.

Modul: Urban Water Technologies

Learning Outcomes

Students acquire in-depth knowledge of the processes necessary for understanding urban water management systems and their dimensioning. After completing the module, they should be familiar with the process engineering systems of wastewater and stormwater treatment and explain the functional principles of the individual system components, evaluate their suitability for specific applications and apply basic dimensioning approaches.


This module teaches in-depth fundamentals for the design and evaluation of urban water management systems. The necessary chemical, physical and biological basics are deepened. Starting from the detailed consideration of individual elements, an overall understanding of the water management system of settlements and its interaction with surfaces is built up. For this purpose, the theoretical tools are developed and model approaches are presented. What has been learned is consolidated by visiting various plants.