Spatially distributed evaluation and presentation of substance emissions into the surface water bodies of Baden-Württemberg using MoRE

Short description

On behalf of the LUBW, the MoRE system (Modeling of Regionalized Emissions) is newly implemented in Baden-Württemberg for the calculation of substance emissions into surface water bodies. For this purpose a “MoRE Baden-Württemberg” version is created, using the water bodies of Baden-Württemberg as spatial modeling units.

After the transcription of the input data and the calculation approaches from the former MS-Excel-files into the new MoRE database, an actualization of input data and a recalculation of nutrient emissions is done. The results of this recalculation are verified, evaluated and finally balanced. Relating to this actualization, the origin of basic data (source, author, etc.) and the processing methods used to generate MoRE input data, are documented in detail.

The modeling results of emissions into the surface water bodies of Baden-Württemberg that will be calculated with the new implemented model, will be compared to the results of the MoRE version “Germany” of the federal environmental protection agency. Furthermore a comparison of the influence of the different spatial modeling units (water bodies in “MoRE Baden-Württemberg” vs. analytical units in “MoRE Germany”) will be done.

Finally, the integration of a runoff and quality database into the MoRE Baden-Württemberg system for calculating the immissions is planned. The loads that are calculated with this database will be used for the validation of modeled loads in the surface water bodies.