Urban Water Infrastructure and Management

  • type: Vorlesung (V)/ Übung (Ü)
  • chair: IWG-SWW
  • semester: WS
  • place:
    Bldg. 50.31 SR 134 
    Bldg. 30.41 Chemie-HS1
  • time:
    Mo 14.00-15:30
    We 15.45-17:15
  • start: 30.10.2023
  • lecturer:

    Stephan Fuchs

    Mohammad Azari

  • sws: 2V / 2Ü
  • lv-no.: 6223701
  • information:




By winter term 2018/19 the lecture „Urban Water Infrastructure and Management“ will be held in winter term.

Learning Outcomes

Students analyze and evaluate basic methods of urban water management. They recognize the interactions between natural and technical systems. They acquire knowledge necessary to identify process engineering solutions and to implement them into functional systems (infrastructure elements). Students are able to describe urban water management issues in the context of watersheds and to take appropriate and environmentally-sound decisions in terms of energy efficiency and costs.


This module provides a deep understanding of basic principles needed for the design, analysis and evaluation of urban water systems. The concept of system analysis is introduced to develop models that consider the most important biological, chemical and physical processes and are used to solve water management problems. Based on a detailed consideration of individual elements (subsystems), an overall picture of the water management system Urban Settlement and its interaction with surface and groundwater bodies can be gained. For this purpose, theoretical tools are developed and modeling approaches are reviewed. Students consider the factors energy and costs in the analysis and assessment of water management systems.