Stoffeintragsmodellierung mit MoRE: Zusammenstellung der Datengrundlage für die Modellierung von Nährstoffeinträgen in Luxemburg

Short description

In the context of reporting on the European Water Framework Directive, an inventory of emissions for Luxembourg is compiled using MoRE and, if necessary, measures will be derived from it. For this purpose, it has already been determined in a preliminary study that an application of MoRE with data from Luxembourg is practicable. It was possible to calculate the substance inputs for Luxembourg via point sources (wastewater treatment plants, industrial direct dischargers) and to carry out an initial load estimate. In this project, further emission pathways are to be added in the model in order to complete the emission calculation of the nutrients. One focus is on the revision of the load calculation. In addition, a calculation of the pollutant substance emissions (heavy metals, PAH) is carried out.