Mudak-WRM – Multidisziplinäre Datenakquisition als Schlüssel für ein global anwendbares Wasserressourcen-management

„The core aim of MuDaK-WRM is to develop a model for the prediction of medium to long term changes in water qulity in reservoirs which is as simple as possible and generally available. The key aspect is to reduce the complexity of the underlying scientific approaches and the data required for the future model to enable the application of the model with reasonable effort and in a meaningful way in developing countries.

This interdisciplinary research group on the German side is a consortium of four research and five industry partners. All the necessary competences for successful processing of the project are represented in this consortium. Each work package is handled by one or two German partners. On the Brazilian side, three research and four industry or public partners are involved in the project, so that the areas of competence are mirrored.”