Efficiency of storm water tanks with overflow in combined sewer systems

Short Description

The project is commissioned on behalf of the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia and is carried out in cooperation with the partners: AV Aggerwasser GmbH, Dahlem Beratende Ingenieure, FH Münster IWARU, IKT - Institut für Unterirdische Infrastruktur, UFT Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik Dr. H. Brombach GmbH.

The project is divided into two steps. The first step is a data evaluation of the existing databases of the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. A comparison between the data situation and the real conditions on a sample of 20 storm water tanks is carried out. Based on a selection of 6 storm water tanks, the efficiency for retaining solids has to be detected from water samples. The second part of the research project explores the possibility of improving the sedimentation performance. In order to optimize as many existing and yet to be built storm water tanks. Particularly the use of lamella separators is examined. As a synthesis of both parts the improvement potential for rainwater tanks is to be developed. It should be made suggestions for future operational monitoring and evaluation of storm water tanks.