Klajdi Sotiri

Dr.-Ing. Klajdi Sotiri

  • Institute for Water and River Basin Management
    Department of Aquatic Environmental Engineering
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Building 50.31 
    Gotthard-Franz-Str. 3
    76131 Karlsruhe



riverbasin management, echosounding, modelling of emissions into river basins, mass balance, sedimentmanagement

Dissertation Topic: Investigation of urban mass fluxes to riversystems through the use of reservoirs as validation points

Ongoing research projects:


Completed research projects



Marcon, L.; Sotiri, K.; Bleninger, T.; Lorke, A.; Männich, M.; Hilgert, S.; (2022):
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Sotiri, K.; Kishi, R.T.; Hilgert, S.; Scheer, M.B.; Gabriel, P.G.; Benatto, D.A.; Fuchs, S. (2022):
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Hilgert, S.; Sotiri, K.; Fuchs, S. (2021):
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Sotiri, K.; Hilgert, S.; Mannich, Michael; Bleninger, Tobias; Fuchs, S. (2021): 
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Hilgert, S.; Sotiri, K.; Fuchs, S. (2021):
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Sotiri, K.; Hilgert, S.; Fuchs, S. (2019)  :
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Understanding sediment transport processes – coupling erosion with reservoir siltation. 11th Symposium for European Freshwater sciences, Zagreb, Croatia.

Sotiri, K.; Hilgert, S.; Zhang, Ch.; da Silva Santos, L.; Fuchs, S. (2019) :
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