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Sediment mass flux modeling on a catchment scale

Sediment mass flux modeling on a catchment scale

Stephan Hilgert

Short description


Hydropower generation and the supply of drinking water as well as water for irrigation represent the most important purposes of reservoirs. Since Brazil is producing large shares of the used electricity through hydropower and the water supply is covered mostly by surface water, the dependence on the functioning of the national reservoirs is high. For many reservoirs the real lifetime cannot be precisely assessed because the real storage capacity and/or the mass flux of sediment from the catchment to the reservoir in unknown. For the operators and consumers of electricity or fresh water this could lead to severe problems especially under the perspective of changing climate patterns.

The modeling of the sediment input using the open source tool InVest will be based on satellite information/land use classification. The modeled amounts of sediment should be compared to the accumulated sediment mass in three different Brazilian reservoirs.



The main task is to use the model InVest to calculate the soil loss and consequently the sediment input from three different catchments in Brazil. These results should be set in relation to sediment mass information of accumulated material within these reservoirs. The overall idea it to derive a long-term validation of sediment accumulation in the reservoirs.

Duration: 6 month
Course of study: Wat.Scie.Eng., CivilEng., Geoecol., Angewandte Geow.
Requirements: Thesis language is English, ArcGIS basics

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