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Cleaner production

Cleaner production
type: Vorlesung (V)/ Übung (Ü)
chair: IWG/SWW
semester: SS

Bldg. 50.31 SR 322


Th 11:30-13:00

start: 27.04.2017

Tobias Morck

sws: 1V / 1Ü
ects: 3
lv-no.: 6223810

Ersetzt „Einführung in die Industrieabwasserreinigung“ [LV-Nr. 19244]

Modul SM29 Industriewasserwirtschaft

Learning Outcomes

Students acquire knowledge about techniques for wastewater treatment in industrial production processes and based on it, they can explain functioning principles of the techniques.
Students are able to assess wastewater constituents from industrial effluents and its emissions on the basis of legal regulations. They can analyze arising problems in the industrial wastewater treatment and select appropriate methods for emission reduction and water recycling.


In this module, different types of industrial wastewater (e.g. leather, paper, metal industries) are considered and studied. Customized chemical, physico-chemical and, if necessary, biological treatment processes are presented and discussed.