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M.Sc. Maria Kaiser

Research assistant
room: 317
phone: +49 721 608-48309
fax: +49 721 608-44729
maria kaiserDcb0∂kit edu

Institute for Water and River Basin Management
Department of Aquatic Environmental Engineering
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Building 50.31
Gotthard-Franz-Str. 3
76131 Karlsruhe




Kaiser, M.; Toshovski, S., Fuchs, S.; Sacher, F.; Thoma, A.; Lambert, B.; Ullrich, A. (2017):
Micropollutants in German Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants – a nation-wide monitoring campaign. Poster River Basins Conference 2017 Vienna, (19.-20.06.2017).

Fuchs, S.; Nickel, J. P.; Kaiser, M.; Reid, L.; Zessner, M.; Kittlaus, S.; Gabriel, O.; Clara, M.; Kaul, U.; Forstner, S.; Ullrich, A.; Heidemeier J. (2017):
Quantification of Emissions across International Borders. Presentation River Basins Conference 2017 Vienna, (19.-20.06.2017).

Gabriel O.; Hochedlinger, G.; Clara, M.; Kaul, U.; Forstner, S.; Zessner, M.; Kittlaus, S.; Trautvetter, H.; Reid, L.; Kaiser, M.; Toshovski, S.; Treisch, M.; Kistler, M.; Weinberger, C.; Fuchs, S. (2017):
Harmonization of complex input data – lessons learned in the transboundary Inn catchment. Poster River Basins Conference 2017 Vienna, (19.-20.06.2017).

Fuchs, S.; Kaiser, M.; Kiemle, L.; Kittlaus, S.; Rothvoß, S.; Toshovski, S.; Wagner, A.; Wander, R.; Weber, T.; Ziegler, S. (2017): Modeling of Regionalized Emissions (MoRE) into Water Bodies: An Open-Source River Basin Management System. Water 2017, 9, 239, doi:10.3390/w9040239.

Kaiser, M.; Fuchs, S. (2015):
Monitoring and analysis of biogas output from decentralized anaerobic wastewater treatment with simultaneous utilization of resources in Java, Indonesia. In: Water Practice & Technology  Vol 10 No 2, 2015, 205–213. doi:10.2166/wpt.2015.021

Kaiser, M.; Fach, S.; Fuchs, S. (2014):
Monitoring and Analysis of Biogas output from decentralized anaerobic waste water treatment with simultaneous Utilization of Resources in Java, Indonesia. 6th IWA Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference "East meets West" Istanbul. 28-30 Mai 2014

Fach, S.; Kaiser, M.; Fuchs, S. (2012):
Development and Evaluation of Appropriate Concepts for Sewage Disposal and Treatment in a Rural Area, Central Java, Indonesia on the Example of the Village Pucanganom. In: Hydrology: Current Research, S. 1–2. Online verfügbar unter http://www.omicsonline.org/2157-7587/2157-7587-S1-002.php? aid=4689

Fuchs, S.; Fach, S.; Kaiser, M. (2012):
Decentralized anaerobic waste water treatment with simultaneous utilization of resources. IWRM-Karlsruhe 2012. Karlsruhe, 21.11.2012

Fuchs, S.; Fach, S.; Kaiser, M. (2012):
Decision-making for the development of appropriate waste water treatment concepts on the example Pucanganom by using the AHP method. IWRM-Karlsruhe 2012. Karlsruhe, 21.11.2012.

Supervised Study-/Bachelor-/Master-/Diploma theses

Rachel, I. (2018):. Monitoring of the Field Laboratory for Water Treatment in Wonosari Public Hospital. Bachelorarbeit. Betreuer: Anggraini A.K., Kaiser M.

Wang, J. (2018): Ableitung geeigneter Daten für die Modellierung von Biozideinträgen in die Gewässer auf Flussgebietsebene. Bachelorarbeit. Betreuer: Kaiser M., Wander R.

Spieth, S. (2015):
Adaption of the MoRE for a small catchment in Thailand.  Masterarbeit. Betreuer: Kaiser M.

Krieger, A. (2014):
Scenario-based Water Balance Assessment using the Water Evaluation and Planning Model (WEAP) in Huai Sai Bat Basin (Thailand).  Masterarbeit. Betreuer: Dipl.-Geoökol. Hilgert S., Kaiser M.

Dannecker, M. (2014):
Vergleichende Analyse von Lehrinhalten und Methoden im Hinblick auf die Bewertung ökostruktureller Maßnahmen in der Isan Region (Thailand). Masterarbeit. Betreuer: Kaiser M., Hilgert S.

Wagner, A. (2014):
Comparative Approach to an adapted Water balance calculation based on existing data in the Ta Di Catchment, including various Scenarios. Masterarbeit. Betreuer: Kaiser M., Hilgert S.

Prianggana, T. (2014):
Einfluss der Zugabe von organischen Substrat auf den Gasertrag der Biogasanlagen in Indonesien. Bachelorarbeit.
Betreuer:  Fuchs S., Kaiser M.

Jakob, S. (2013):
Development of a Construction Manual for Floating-Roof Biogas Plants for Gunung Kidul, Indonesia. Diplomarbeit.
Betreuer: Fuchs S., Fach S., Kaiser M.